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NAME: Charlotte 'Lottie' Lloyd.
AGE & DOB: 15 ; September 18th
FACE & VOICE PB: Nill from Dogs: Bullets and Carnage ; Bridget Hoffman
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'4" (163cm) ; 98lbs (44kg)
WEAPON: V-42 Stiletto ; Pushing Daggers

Charlotte is from a world much like our own — with some key differences. Her story is set in an alternate Earth in the United States during the mid-50s, the US reigns supreme as the key world power after World War II. Japan and much of Eastern Europe lay in shambles due to heavy nuking, and most countries lay in ruin, both geographically and economically. Those that are not US citizens that survive today are considered second class human beings, forced to work in American sweat shops. Meanwhile, the US has reached a new level of economic prosperity, most people living in Utopian cities in close knit, flourishing gated communities, called 'Caveats'. Those who choose to live outside of these gated communities are shunned and not supported by the government, opting instead to live pastoral, honest farming lives.

The people within Caveats are fully aware of the state of the world, but choose to turn a blind eye, as most people have become alienated and conditioned to not express or embrace negative emotions, such as sadness. Appearance and image is very important amongst these people, and your 'ugly sides' are thought to be reserved for household behavior.

etc etc flesh out civilian culture and world leaders and rebels

Another key feature is a rare ability to see the World Tree — An impossibly large, rosewood tree from which all life stems. It's roots connect to the underworld, while it's branches stretch to heaven, bringing together the physical and metaphysical worlds. The World Tree can be seen anywhere, as it exists on a separate plane from our world. Typically, though, it comes to you in a dream, when the mind is most open. Those who can see the World Tree are called Esos, and are able to harness the abilities from the metaphysical realms. What they use this power for is up to them, however.

personality & history.
Lottie has always lived in her Manor.

Daughter of renowned WWII veteran, Alfred W. Lloyd, a lot is to be expected of young Charlotte.. and for a while, she fulfilled that criteria. Modest, demure, and thoughtful, she was always the star toddler amongst Alfred's prestigious social circle. Truly, Charlotte excelled at all things cute and cognitive, as well as being the prettiest baby anywhere, with delicate, icy blue eyes and pale, blond hair.

However, this all changed in Lottie's first year of school. She began to have episodes - initially, these episodes were self-contained - where she would glaze over each person in the room, their eyes beating down upon her. She felt inferior. However, she didn't vocalize these thoughts. In fact, she had no idea how to vocalize them; she had always been taught that she was truly the best. Everyone else was supposed to be beneath her, right? Yet Lottie had trouble believing it, and soon these episodes became much more violent. She would screech and writhe in class, causing a disturbance. 'Crazy Lady Lloyd', the children would call her.

Embarrassed by their child, the Lloyds quickly withdrew her from school, confining her to their large, baroque manor. Publicly, they no longer had a child.

Lottie is a girl who often feels powerless. She has seen the hedonism of the Caveats, seen the acts they all put on.. yet there is nothing she can do about it. She can't change the state of the country she lives in; she can't even convince her parents to let her leave the house. There is an innate stubbornness within Lottie, a stubbornness that she never truly presents. Instead, she allows it to fester. She presents her stubbornness in unhealthy ways, such as refusing to eat; because of it, Lottie has become a sick looking, gaunt girl, a shell of the beautiful child she one was.

Despite this, Lottie is also quite naive, quick to put her trust and faith in something that seems promising or hopeful. She is trusting and clingy around those who show her any sort of compassion or care. She still holds an innate idealism, something that has been ingrained in her since she was a child. She feels that her situation could change one day - at least, she hopes. Lottie is quite the escapist, one who gets lost in her own thoughts and imagination to cope with her pessimistic attitude. Her lofty thoughts are often unattainable goals, ones that she reassures herself are possible.